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Mass Energy Lab's interview with Dr. Abigail BarrowLast month, Mass Energy Lab's Integrated Marketing Specialist, Jen Kaye talked with Dr. Abigail Barrow, Founding Director of the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) to discuss the center's commitment to the development of innovative technology in Massachusetts' clean energy sector.

The MTTC was funded through the 2003 Economic Stimulus Bill to support inventors at non-profit research institutions. The center is dedicated to accelerating the commercialization and the success of innovative technologies by providing services to help inventors gain funding and bring their project to market.

KAYE: It must be very exciting to meet with the inventors and witness their enthusiasm! Can you explain MTTC's Catalyst Program and its involvement in deploying new technologies into the marketplace?

BARROW: The MTTC runs the Catalyst Program which is funded by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC). What we do is give out crucial concept awards to researchers who have technologies that look commercially interesting but need more development and a better prototype to show other people its functionality and what it will look like. Our $40,000 grant will help the researcher take the invention and move it along the commercialization path. As these projects are extremely early-stage there is risk involved as sometimes it turns out that the technology does not work as well as planned or is not competitive enough to replace an existing technology. What we're hoping is to build a company around the technology and create interest among outside investors to continue down the path towards commercialization.

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Our Mission: Identify, validate and facilitate the installation of innovative energy solutions that will optimize the built environment.

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Recently, we attended the MIT Energy Club's event "Winning the Clean Energy Race" featuring U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu. The purpose of of the event was to provide a glimpse into the future of clean energy while visiting its past and assessing how we've arrived at the current state of the industry. Secretary Chu emphasised the importance of developing energy efficiency solutions and cited it as the challenge of our lifetime. He stated, "America has the opportunity to lead the world in clean energy technologies and provide a foundation for future prosperity."

During the event, Secretary Chu elaborated on the Better Building Challenge, a facet of the Obama administration's Better Buildings Initiative. The challenge calls on CEOs, university presidents and state leaders to commit to energy efficiency by pledging to reduce energy waste by 20 percent over the next decade. On average, nearly $60 billion or 30 percent of energy in commercial and industrial buildings is wasted each year. In an effort to reduce these figures, the Case Competition encourages college students to come up with innovative technologies that will contribute to energy efficiency solutions.

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August 24, 2011

Mass Energy Lab Sponsors Energy Innovation Competition for Massachusetts College Students

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 24, 2011-- This fall, Mass Energy Lab will sponsor the Seek Energy Innovation Competition, a contest intended to encourage students to research and identify cutting-edge, new to market energy efficiency solutions and to think deeply about how the technology can be applied to facilitate the reduction of energy waste in commercial and industrial buildings.

The contest directly relates to Mass Energy Lab's mission statement: "Seek Knowledge + Energy Innovation." Mass Energy Lab CEO, Mo Nariani, hopes that the giveaway will inspire students from a variety of academic disciplines to expand their knowledge and get excited about green technology. Nariani notes, "We are extremely fortunate to be located in the center of such a rich and diverse academic community. The Seek Energy Innovation Competition will give us a chance to spread our passion and enthusiasm about energy efficiency and clean technology while engaging students in a meaningful way."

Mass Energy Lab will begin accepting entries for the Seek Energy Innovation Competition on September 1st, 2011. The contest is open to undergraduate or graduate students in Massachusetts entering or attending an accredited, degree granting institution. Contest entrants will identify and research a new-to-market energy efficiency product, and present evidence on the product's ability to impact energy waste reduction and its marketability.

Research projects are to be submitted on November 4th 2011. Entries will be evaluated by a panel of industry experts. The platinum level prize winner will be awarded $3000, the gold level prize winner will be awarded $1500, and the silver level prize winner will be awarded $500. Interested students can visit for official contest guidelines.

Mass Energy Lab Inc. is a Cambridge, MA-based Commercial Energy Efficiency Solutions Firm. The company is committed to identifying validating and facilitating the installation of cutting-edge energy solutions that will optimize commercial and industrial facilities. Mass Energy Lab's extensive 4 Phase product evaluation process allows the company to be confident that the innovative solutions in their product offering will make a solid impact on reducing energy waste in the built environment. For more information on Mass Energy Lab, Inc., visit

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