Seek Knowledge + Energy Innovation

Our Mission is to identify, validate and facilitate the installation of innovative energy solutions that will optimize the built environment.

We’re fearless. We’ll test any product that can have a solid impact on reducing your energy waste and we’re obsessed with finding the newest, most cutting-edge and effective energy efficiency products to reduce your building’s operating cost.  

Go ahead, give us a call and learn more about our unique approach and our innovative products.




The Mass Energy Lab Team has spent enough time in the Energy Efficiency realm to understand our client’s needs. That’s why we have pledged that our products will have the following attributes:

MEASURABILITY - Ability to make a MAJOR impact on energy waste reduction.

SIMPLICITY - Require LITTLE or NO labor to install or implement, hence being cost efficient.

DEPLOYABILITY - Instant Deployment so that the user will instantly be able to reap the benefits. 

We're going to continue to serve as the filter between our clients and that vast sea of energy efficiency products. This ensures that all of our solutions are effective in substantially improving the energy efficiency of your facility.

Our clients have been ecstatic about the ability to lower their operating costs by implementing our solutions. We even work well with "smart" building systems that are already extremely energy efficient. Our solutions definitely have the potential to revolutionize the energy efficiency industry, but we are not done!

Our quest to find cutting-edge products in the market continues, and we will stop at nothing to deliver on our pledge to bring you the latest, most effective products on the market.