Our products are selected based on the following attributes - Measurability, Simplicity and Deployability. Here's why:

There was a time when we were performing Energy Efficiency Retrofits for large scale commercial facilities. While our clients were really happy with the results, they yearned for more. They asked for more realistic "projected savings" (Measurability). They wanted installations of new, more energy efficient systems to be less complex (Simplicity). They wanted solutions now and with minimal disruption (Deployability).

Thus we created Mass Energy Lab to be a test bed for the sea of energy efficiency products that promise to reduce energy costs and increase building performance. Our Extensive 4 Phase Evaluative Process allows us to be confident that the innovative solutions in our product offering will make a solid impact on reducing energy waste in your commercial or industrial facilities.

The PaceControls proven, patented energy efficiency technology establishes optimal run times for compressors and burner units, "pacing" the equipment's consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil or propane…saving you 20 percent or more off your current energy costs! 


LumiSmart is designed to work with most fluorescent lighting systems and provides immediate energy consumption reduction of up to 30% with no perceivable difference to occupant comfort.



S-Series space heaters provide an energy efficient way to heat large buildings by utilizing a high-performance Blow-Thru® Technology with the industry's highest temperature rise and BTU/CFM ratio.